New Vendor FAQ’s

We keep all applications on file and when a space becomes available, we will reach out to potential vendors who may be a good fit for that space.

Our leases are month-to-month. We prefer vendors to commit to at least three months but it is not a requirement in the lease.

Leases are month to month and rent will be due each month.

We do not require vendors to have a business license.

Vendors do not have to have insurance but it is recommended. The store’s policy does not cover vendors.

Our vendors are umbrellaed under the store’s license and taxes. Vendors will not receive tax information from the store and each vendor will be responsible for reporting their own income.

No. Our credit card fees are factored into our 13% sales commission. As a vendor you are only responsible for booth rent and sales commission. Customers are not charged extra for using their card.

Yes! Locking cases are encouraged! We are happy to keep a key at the register and open it for interested customers.

Yes, vendors are welcome to hang a sign for their business and put out business cards in their space.

Vendors are welcome to hang items on the walls of their space. For spaces that do not have walls, vendors are welcome to bring/build their own faux walls or barriers and hang whatever they like as long as the items are secured and not a safety hazard.

Yes. The store has a locked dressing room and we are happy to unlock it at customer request.

No vendor is guaranteed exclusivity but we do keep the balance of merchandise in mind when selecting new vendors. We try to bring in vendors that have diverse products and different styles.

The number of vendors in the store will fluctuate based on the space needs of each vendor but at any given time, it is approximately 40 vendors total.

The store will sometimes accept lower offers from customers when given permission from the vendor. When a vendor signs their lease, they are given the option to accept lower prices or to remain firm on their prices. Either option is acceptable and will not affect your placing in the store.

Neither customers nor vendors are allowed to bring pets into the store. Appropriately outfitted service animals adhering to state/federal laws are allowed.

Vendors are welcome to run a sale as long as they notify staff so that items can be priced accurately at check out.

Vendors are encouraged to advertise. The store utilizes many forms of advertising, both paid and unpaid. Some examples include paid online ads, posts in local and relevant social media circles, paper ads and outdoor markets.

Vendors will be allowed to visit and stock their booth anytime during business hours.

Every vendor will have unique preferences and needs for their space so this answer will vary from person to person but a good rule of thumb is to plan to stock and organize your space once a week.